Happy Friday! We’re happy to share this good news from our Tilapia Farm at the Hogar de Amor home in Honduras: “The fish are growing quickly!”

What we strive for here at Kitechild: Being the somebody who makes every child feel like a somebody. No matter the circumstances a child was born into, all children are important and deserve to know they are worthy and cared for. Let a child know they are worthwhile by investing in a sustainable project: kitechild.com

The Greenhouse The Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage is up! This greenhouse in Nakuru, Kenya is our largest project so far! Our $25,000 investment provided an installation of 6 greenhouses on the home’s property. We’re anticipating huge returns from this project that will greatly affect the quality of life for the children residing at the home. This income generating project involves the selling of the produce grown in the greenhouses to wholesale partners in local markets. Profits will be used to hire two greatly needed house-mothers for the home, which will increase the adult-child ratio and provide love and emotional support. Additionally, the project will alleviate the homes’ dry food costs by 83% annually. But most importantly, these children deserve to have a committed staff and the opportunity to create bonds with their caretakers- and thanks to your support for this greenhouse, they will!

This Mother’s Day we want to give a shoutout to Tushinde for all the wonderful work they do to keep families together in Nairobi, Kenya. Every effort should be made for children to stay with their mothers whenever possible, but when they have no other choice but to live in an orphanage, our projects ensure they receive the best care available. 

Photo: Niños de la Promesa
Happy Cinco de Mayo from the children at Niños de La Promesa! The Niños de La Promesa is in Tijuana, Mexico and is home to over 80 children. Kitechild successfully completed a project at the home, in which a substation was funded and installed. The substation has cut the home’s electricity bills in half and saved them thousands of dollars, which now go towards the education and medical costs of the children.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” This quote is from today’s birthday girl and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador Audrey Hepburn. It perfectly captures the spirit of Kitechild, where it is our mission to help vulnerable children and do everything possible to empower them with opportunities to thrive.