Invest in Education and Nutrition

Look at these proud graduates from St. Catherine’s Home in Kenya! We are working to make sure that these kids never have to choose between food and education, but we need your help to make this a reality. Please invest in our greenhouse project, which feeds the children the produce grown and funds their education, by selling the surplus veggies in the market. We now have a matching donor who will match all donations up to $10,000, so we can make this happen! Find out more and help these children not just survive, but thrive: 

Midweek Break with the Watoto Wema Home

Take a midweek break with the Watoto Wema Home in Kenya! Our greenhouse project there has been going strong with this month 940 kilos of vegetables have been harvested with more lettuce and tomatoes to be ripe soon! This sustainable project is all about change, not charity! The veggies grown in the greenhouse provide the children with healthy produce, while the rest is sold in the market to cover education costs. Did you know that schools are not free for older children in Kenya? So all too often, children’s homes are forced to choose between spending money on food or education. Let’s make this a thing of the past and invest in our similar project at the St. Catherine’s Home in Kenya. All children deserve a full body and mind! Invest today: