Our mission is to transform the standards of care for orphaned and vulnerable children living in children’s homes.  Our model develops and manages sustainable projects with our partners to achieve long term results in providing children with critical needs such as food security,  access to clean water, health care, and education.


We develop micro projects that either generate income or eliminate expenses, reducing a children’s home’s dependence on foreign aid while committing them to a model of transparency. Each project is tailored to the most pressing needs of the children residing in the home, whether its chicken coops to combat malnutrition, or solar panels allowing kids to complete their homework at night.


In the real world, global issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, repressive cultural norms, and even war and displacement are real problems that prevent children from being raised with their own families. Most governments in developing countries where an orphan crisis exists do not have the appropriate infrastructure in place to provide social welfare programs addressing this crisis, therefore children are placed in children’s homes by desperate parents or other community adults who don’t know where else to turn. Until local governments increase their commitment to helping vulnerable children and families, children’s homes are often the only choice for vulnerable children in need of protection, food, and shelter.