Solar Panels at Mercy Mission, Liberia
Mercy Mission needs $5590 to install solar panels in the home, as they are currently running on 4 hours of electricity a day on a costly generator. The funds they save will go to provide a third meal for the children living in the home.
100% raised, $0 to go

Solar Panels at Mercy Mission, Liberia

TARGETING: Renewable Energy

Mercy Mission is located in Liberia, Africa. They currently house 27 children.


What: an installation of solar panels

Why: Each day, they only have 4 hours of electricity, provided by a generator. The generator currently costs them $5,400 per year in fuel costs and maintenance. The solar panels will eliminate this recurring cost. The installation will provide the home with an average of 12 hours of clean renewable energy per day. They plan to use the money saved from the generator to provide three meals per day to the children as opposed to two, any surplus funds will go to care takers  salaries enabling them to stay more committed to the home.

Roof of the building where panels will be laid out







The total cost of the project is $5590.00 USD, including the panels, installation, and wiring.

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