#TBT to our first trip into the field in 2010, when we visited 4 partner homes in Baja California, Mexico.  Since then, we have met many inspiring children and staff through our visits in the field, partnering with 19 homes in six countries and impacting over 534 children through our sustainable projects!  Shown here is our co-founder, Jacqueline, playing soccer with children at the Casa Hogar Rayitos de Luz home.  Forming these personal connections with the kids is important and drives us as an organization. #getinvolved #inspire #forthekids #makeadifference

Help us raise the other half of our goal for the solar panel installation in the Arias Home of Hope! This orphanage is a safe and loving environment for 39 children who were born with HIV/AIDS, providing them with the medical attention they so desperately need. Because the virus is so highly stigmatized in India, these children were shunned from their families and communities. Our project will help cut the electrical costs for the orphanage, thereby providing additional nutrition essential for the children’s health. Please help us to alleviate the cost for the home and provide a better quality of life for these children! #getinvolved #giveback #makeadifference #socialgood #inspiration #hopeworldwide #india #positivity #sustainable #nutrition #impact #solarpower (at Link in bio. )

We’re excited to introduce a new series of photos from the eyes of our children! We left one of our cameras at the Arias Home of Hope located in Acharapakkam, India. For the next few weeks you will be able to experience the beauty life has to offer from their perspective. All the children of the Arias Home are HIV/AIDS positive, but they continue to inspire us everyday with their courage. #LittleLens #hopeworldwide #India #smile #inspire #inspiration #positivity #community