The latest UNICEF report shows that we are making progress on global child welfare, but that the poorest children are still being left behind. UNICEF says that the most disadvantaged children should be at the heart of new sustainable projects, which is exactly what our projects do. We all need to work together to make sure every child has a chance.

Paulo Coelho said it best: “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” We’ve taken that advice to heart as we traveled through India. There were many unexpected twists and turns in our journey… but connecting with our kids and seeing our projects go up makes it all worth it. We can’t wait to share all of our updates with you!  

Kitechild visits the LAMP Home! Our team is currently in India, where we are launching multiple projects and conducting research on how to best serve the vulnerable children in this country. We hope to be partnering with the LAMP Home later this year with a sustainable project that will improve the quality of life for the 36 children living there. Stay tuned! 

Construction is underway at Ashirvad Home! This is the future site of the chicken farm, an income generating project that focuses on improving the nutrition and education of the children living at the home. The chickens will be raised and sold in the market, while some are kept to breed and continue the project. The profits will provide fresh daily produce to the 79 children every other day, which is something currently unaffordable for the home. Eventually, the income generated will also go towards the purchase of computers and a teacher. Computing skills, especially in India, will be extremely helpful to the kids once they grow up and are entering the job market. We’re excited to get these kids healthy foods and to empower them to rise out of poverty! Find out more:  

We’re headed back to India! We are very excited to be visiting the country, where we’ll be launching two more projects: a solar installation at the Arias Home of Hope and an income generating chicken farm at the Ashirvad home. We’re also going to be visiting additional homes in hopes of partnering for new projects, as well as conducting additional research on the state of orphaned and vulnerable children. The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!

Today is the UN’s World Environment Day! The theme for 2015 is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” We love this message and feel it’s the perfect time to think about how each of us has the power to impact the world. Kitechild works to make this world a better place for children everywhere and part of that mission is taking care of the environment. That’s why all of our projects are sustainable and environmentally sound. Want to get involved? Invest in a solar installation for Arias Home, which will bring light to children in need. Together we can make sure all 7 billion dreams come true! Find out more!