Children Rebuilding in the Wake of Ebola

Image: Abu on his first day back at school, in April (Ben Steele)

Filmmaker Ben Steele discusses his journey to West Africa, where he meets and documents some of the 20,000 children left orphaned by the Ebola epidemic. Steele’s newly released documentary follows several children, who are rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of Ebola. One of the children he follows is 12 year old Abu, who was taken in by relatives and is now back in school and thriving. Sierra Leone was finally declared Ebola free last month and we hope that the world continues to make strides to stop this devastating disease. Read more here @TheIndependent: 

1 in 4 Children are Malnourished

1 in 4 children are currently malnourished around the world, according to a world report: Without the proper nutrition, children’s health are in peril. We work to address this problem with sustainable projects, like our greenhouse at St. Catherine’s Home in Kenya. The greenhouse project will grow fresh veggies to supplement the diets of the children and the surplus is sold in the markets to pay for their educational costs. Please invest in this project today so that these children will have their nutrition and education: 

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Protecting Vulnerable Children During the Refugee Crisis

Image: The Independent

During this current #refugeecrisis, children entering Europe are being separated from their families and forced to continue their dangerous journey alone. The UN is calling to protect these vulnerable children and demanding that they be treated with dignity. Read more about these unfolding events:

Refugee Children in Lebanon Use Cameras to Document Their Lives

Take a look at these stunning photos taken by refugee children living in Lebanon: Through a project that provided the kids with disposable cameras, we are able to catch a glimpse of what everyday life is like for these children. Over 600,000 refugee children live in Lebanon, most of whom are unable to go to school and are without access to proper shelter and clean water. Seeing the world through their eyes is remarkable and heart-breaking.