Our mission is to empower at risk children to thrive. We believe every child, no matter their background, deserves access to the support and tools they need to build healthy and happy lives, and become productive members of their own communities.


Our model develops and manages sustainable projects with community children’s centers to achieve long term results in providing children with critical needs such as food security,  access to clean water, health care, and education. Projects such as greenhouses, poultry farms, and renewable energy installations either generate income or eliminate expenses, and empower local communities by reducing dependence on foreign aid while committing to a model of transparency.


Issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, repressive cultural norms, and even war and displacement are real problems that separate children from their families.  Most governments in developing countries where there is a high percentage of at-risk children do not have social welfare programs to provide support to children and their families. Many families in need seek support from orphanages, shelters, schools, and other community centers to provide necessities such as food, healthcare, and access to education.  Orphanages and children’s homes are often used by  parents in urgent need who don’t know where else to turn – 90% of children living in orphanages have at least one living parent. We are working in conjunction with private and government institutions to change the way in which at-risk children and their family are given the support they need.