Targeting: Education, Income Generation, Health 

Welcome to the Family” (WTF)  is a non-profit organization working to rehabilitate street children involved with drugs, alcohol abuse and sexually abused children/adolescents in the province of Nakuru, Kenya.

 This Apiculture project is a community-based income-generating project that offers an opportunity for the adolescents at WTF to develop entrepreneurship skills, discipline, and values related to responsibility,  teamwork, and respect of the environment.  By utilizing a holistic educational approach, they will acquire the knowledge and skills to understand the importance and benefits of beekeeping, how to select a suitable location for mounting beehives, how to construct modern hives from local materials readily accessible, identify and control pests and diseases, manage bees and harvest honey sustainably. They will learn to work with food following the international standard of hygiene.

The honey will be sold in the surrounding community and the income generated will be reinvested into the program. Some of the street children/adolescents WTF serves are unable to follow the normal education system, this project will empower them to acquire a skill allowing them to develop their potential and self-sufficiency as they reintegrate back to living with their families!

Beneficiaries of the Project

Two beneficiary groups: 1. the children of WTF and 2. young families in communities living nearby.

In addition, having an important role in nature, the bees possess the ability to organize and relate to each other in a particularly fascinating way. Undoubtedly, this activity will help the youth at WTF to take on all of these values in them, as well as learning an art.

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