Targeting: Clean Water


Our partner homes in Nairobi  struggle to provide access to filtered water. The homes have to pay for water from the city or from surrounding wells and the water is not safe to drink, forcing them to spend time & resources treating the water through boiling or chemicals. 

Lifestraw filters require no  maintenance, parts or batteries. They filter 18,000 litres of clean drinking water over their shelf life period of 3 years  As opposed to buying clean drinking water, Point-of-use (POU)  water treatment reduces the risk of waterborne disease arising from recontamination during collection, transport.

Key Numbers:

4 homes participating: Soweto Children’s Home, Watoto Wema, Havilla Children’s Home, and St. Catherine’s Children’s Home

-number of children: 200
-number of staff: 23
-beneficiaries: 223
-number of filters needed: 45

cost of filters: $1215

facilitation fee to distribute the filters in the field: $100

Total Cost: 1,315


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