Targeting: Clean Water

Our field partner, the Fiwagoh Mission home, is located on the outskirts of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, and they currently house 200 children. Although they have their own well, it was not properly constructed and thus has been contaminated, affecting the water supply to the home. They saw the success of our previous water project an reached out to Kitechild to see if we could assist them in providing clean water for their 200 children.

What: An installation of 5 Lifestraw Community Filters at the Fiwagoh Home

Impact: Improving the overall health and reducing water-borne illnesses in the 200 children residing in the home. Furthermore, they will be saving $2,400 USD anually which they currently use to purchase potable water from the city , and this money saved will be re-allocated towards the salary of hiring another caregiver.

How: Hiring an additional caregiver will have tremendous impact on the children because the home faces an understaffing problem, and the children need more adult caregivers for supervision and bonding.


  • Cost of 5 Lifestraw Community Filters: $1070
  • 16% Kenyan Import Tax: $165
  • Facilation Fee Kitechild Kenyan Liason: $100
  • Total Funding Needed: $1335

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