Targeting: Food Security

Many of our partner orphanages have kept us updated on the rising costs and the burden this has placed on them when providing food for their children. As a solution, we proposed chicken coops as a sustainable method of food security- they will not only provide a daily access to eggs, but through market sales, generate income to be used on providing a well balanced diet for the children. Each home will have their own coop with approximately 100-150 hens.

The project will sustain the following: an allotted number of eggs will be set aside for the children; the remaining eggs will be sold at the market; the income generated from market sales will provide a healthy food budget for the homes as well as pay for the caretaker needed for each coop.

Funding will be used to purchase chicks, roosters, coops, feed, and coop caretaker in Kenya to oversee the 3 homes and their progress.

Total cost for all 5 homes over 100 children to have a sustainable source of protein: $3000.00



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