Targeting: Education, Nutrition

Project Summary: 
The project consists of the purchase of 2 Dairy Cows for Watoto Wema

Number of Children Impacted : 75


Short term:

  • The main objective of this project is to grow Watoto’s cows from 2 to 4, in order to consistently provide nutritious milk to the children at the home.


Long term:

  • Surplus milk will be sold in the local market and will help fund the efforts of the social workers who handle the re-integration cases of each child. The cows are expected to produce a minimum of 8 gallons per day.


Partner Background: 

Watoto Wema has been a long-standing Kitechild partner, since 2012. Over the course of several years, we have implemented various projects including chicken coops, clean water access, and a greenhouse, all which have improved the quality of life for children residing in the home, as well as elevated the standards of care which Watoto Wema has rigorously upheld.

Pregnant Cow 1600 2 3200
Hay 3.18 per bale 65 624
Napier Grass 25 per bunch 19 475
Dairy Meal 17.39 per bag 10 175
Minerals and High Phosphorus 12.42 per pack 4 50
De-worming and pest control medication 2 3
Farm Assistant 80 monthly wage 6 480

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