Targeting: Food Security, Nutrition,  Community 

Project Summary:

This poultry project at Tumaini Children’s Center is structured as an income-generating community-based project, that will directly benefit 143 children and 5 staff members by continuously providing fresh eggs and meat into their diets. 45 of those children are true orphans living in the center and 98 children live with their families in the surrounding community. The income generated through the sale of the eggs will be reinvested in the education services they provide the orphans and the community children.

The center for some time has served as a place for community-strengthening.  70 household/family units,  meet at the center every month for social-emotional support and to learn about self-sufficiency through a small table banking fund. We project that in 2020 this project will have multiplied to assist these 70 households, as a few of the new chicks will be set aside to be rotated into the community members participating in the fund. We hope that this will improve the standards of living of those 70 households, preventing children from being placed in institutional care. 

Chicks 2314.32 2314.32
Feed 1-yr 3270.90 3270.90
Medication 1224.66 1224.66
Labor & Materials for Poultry Shed 1801.56 1801.56
Care-Taker Salary 1yr 1,041.44 1041.44
Veterinary Fees 270. 270
Dust Coats 15.43 2 30.86
Gumboots 19.29 2 38.58

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