Targeting: Food Security

Flying Kites Children’s Home is located in the Aberdeen Mountains of Njabini, Kenya. 32 children currently reside in the home, meaning there are many tummies to feed each day. In collaboration with the director, we’ve created a project that will allow the home to provide fresh, healthy milk on a daily basis – for free. The project also frees up $2,400 USD of the homes annual budget, which they currently spend to purchase milk. This freed up income will be re-allocated towards paying for the older children’s secondary school fees.

Time for glass of milk!

What: Purchasing three dairy cows for the FK Home in Kenya

Impact: The children will continue to have their daily glass of milk at no cost to the home, and additionally, the income saved from the project will allow the home to provide an additional serving of milk each day, whether at breakfast with porridge or during snack time. As the milk will be coming directly from the three cows of this project, it will be fresh, organic, and healthy.

How: The project saves the home money they would otherwise spend buying milk. The cows will produce enough milk so the children may have two servings per day as opposed to one.  The American Heart Association recommends children above the age of 8 intake at least 3 servings of milk per day.


3 cows: @ $1,333.00 each

Facilitation Fee (Kenyan Liaison): $100

Total: $4,100

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