Targeting: Quality of Care and Education

Project Summary: 
This income generating project entails the set up of a water purification system including the purchase of a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. The home will source water from it’s own borehole which has been quality tested by the Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services. The treatment plant will purify the water to drinking quality for commercial distribution. The surrounding  community is a strong market as there is a high demand for purified water. Water will be sold in reusable large containers, and in smaller bottles as well to the many conferences that are held in the area. The project cost includes purchase of materials, reinforcement of the building where the plant will be located and where the bottling process will take place, electricity cost for 1 year to run the plant, and monitoring and reporting costs.

Projected Income (Annual) : $25,200

Number of Children : 44


Short term:

  • Pay for the salaries of the 8 caregivers and Social Worker for the home

Long term:

  • By paying for the salaries of the caregivers, the children are able to be in a nurturing environment with committed, educated, and responsible caregivers who are dedicated to providing high quality care and support.


Partner Background: 
Welcome to the family is located in Nakuru, Kenya. Their multiple centers house street boys and sexually abused girls, and their staff is equipped with the training and education to provide the children with rehabilitation and therapy counseling, as well as reintegrate them with their families.  For those children that are not eligible for reintegration,WTF provides a loving, caring home  that places up to eight children in a house with a couple, who serve as ‘parents’. The center also provides legal aid for victims of sexual abuse, to help them take their abusers to court.

On progress, projects, and purpose in Kenya: Notes from the Field

695 days ago

It’s been 4 years since we broke ground on our first projects in Kenya: a series of chicken coops in 4 partner homes, targeted at elevating the quality of nutrition within each home by providing nutritious eggs to the children, which would otherwise be too expensive for the home to purchase in the market. Out of those 4 coops, only one exists today, and it has barely a handful of chickens.


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Where the Journey Begins

699 days ago

Welcome to the Family, located in Nakuru, Kenya, has 3 centers which provide critical psychological and therapeutic support to street boys, and girls who have been sexually abused. The income generated from the Water Purification Project will fund the salaries of the skilled caregivers who will help these children reclaim their lives and thrive.

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