Kids Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Eating and Learning

No child should ever have to choose between going to school and having enough to eat, but that is the unfortunate reality for many of our partner homes. They are under operating under the financial burden of caring for too many children and school takes the back seat to basic, pressing needs. Children have the right to have their basic needs met and the education to rise out of poverty! Our greenhouse project works to make sure that the kids at St. Catherine’s home will have their bodies and minds fed, by growing enough vegetables to supplement their diets and to have a surplus that is sold in markets so that school fees are covered. Even more amazing is that we have a matching donor who will match donations up to $10,000! So please join us and help this project happen!

Kenyan Greenhouse is Targeting the Educational and Nutritional Needs of Children

Thanks to the income generated from our greenhouse at the Watoto Wema home, these kids are getting more of their educational costs covered! The greenhouse is now producing 1200 kilos of veggies a month, which helps the kids have access to nutritious foods and by selling the surplus in the local markets, the income funds school costs. Education and healthy foods for kids is an A+ in our book!  

What a difference a few years make! This #tbt is from our 2013 trip to setup the aquaponics tilapia farm in Honduras! Since then, the Hogar de Amor home has grown hundreds of tilapia and their tanks are currently filled to the brim with fish. This project saves the home money that they would otherwise spend buying healthy fish and veggies in the market, and they use the money saved to pay for their security guard who keeps the home and children safe, a necessary need in the volatile country.