Donating to a Sustainable Project

100 % of all funds invested in the sustainable projects on goes directly towards the realization of the specific project.

By visiting our  home page  you can make a donation to the project of your choice. All projects are developed to meet a critical need for at-risk children (IN KENYA.) We target areas of food security, access to sustainable energy, income generation and family re-integration. As a donor, you will receive updates on the project once all funding is complete, and for the 2 year monitoring and support period which Kitechild provides for each project, to see them through.

Donating to the Kitechild Operating Budget

Kitechild is primarily funded through donors wishing to support our operating costs. We also raise funds though grants, corporate sponsors and foundations. We keep our overhead as low as possible: our office space and website are donated by our board members, and we even pay for our own flight when visiting our projects and partners. If you believe in Kitechild’s mission and are moved to participate financially in our growth, your donation will help us ensure we keep the right people on our team who work hard to develop, oversee, and track our projects and impact.

Kitechild is a REGISTERED 501c3 organization and all donations are Tax-Deductible