A few positive takeaways from our progress in the field in the first Quarter of 2020

Mother Esther - Agricultural Farm Expansion Girls at Mother Esther Girls Rescue Center, picking onions from the 3 acres of open air farming. In Q-1 of 2020, we installed an additional Green-house and an additional 2 acres of drip irrigation systems that included drip lines and two 5,000 liter water tanks to increase the capacity of the project. The farm not only produced enough vegetables to help feed 120 girls and staff in the first quarter, but the farm also produced enough produce to sell to [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 19 April, 2020

Drought Scare in Kenya – THE IMPACT ON OUR PROJECTS

The majority of Kitechild's projects in Kenya are agricultural by nature, from crop and livestock rearing, borehole water purification, harvesting of rainwater, and numerous other projects they are all directly or indirectly impacted by the abundance of rain. Earlier this year the Kenyan long rains- which typically run from March to May, were significantly delayed, prompting the Kenyan Government to declare a national drought emergency. With 23 out of 47 counties affected, 2.6 million peop [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 03 June, 2019

A Toast on World Water Day: Raise Your Clean Glass of Water

Arguably, one of the greatest feelings can be the one you get when you take a sip of clean, crisp water after a particularly scorching day... Water is life. Affordable clean water is a human right, but one that many people across the globe lack. Whether here in our own backyard of Flint, Michigan, or across the world in central Kenya, clean water is a challenge for many. Which is why today, on World Water Day, we are excited to announce that our Water Purification Project in Nakuru Kenya is up a [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 22 March, 2018

Winning Silver at the Deauville Green Awards for our Sustainable Mission and Message!

It’s not enough to have a story to tell, it’s how you tell that story. At Kitechild, we truly believe in creating change, not charity. In helping communities rebuild from the ground up – literally and figuratively with our agricultural based projects, and with our emphasis on supporting at risk children and empowering them with the tools they need to thrive.   We were able to share our mission in a beautifully visual, compelling way in the form of our film “ Kitechild Kenya – Gree [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 12 July, 2017

Let’s Keep Families Together

Julio is 10 years old. He has a million dollar smile and a puff of brown curls on his head. I’m taken to him particularly because he instantly attached to me when I arrive, holding my hand and showing me around. He clearly yearns for a connection, but unfortunately, his mother lives in extreme poverty and cannot provide for him- she wants to, but needs help. Paul is still at the Good Samaritan Home, 4 years later. I held him in my arms the first time I went to Kenya - he was oly months old.  [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 19 May, 2017

Join our Village – One The Helps At Risk Children to Thrive

Just like the African proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child", we firmly believe that the entire community should step up and support at-risk children, and their families, in times of need. On December 3rd, we held our first ever photo exhibit depicting our work in the field. The theme of the night was "It Takes a Village", with an emphasis on all the different community members involved in our efforts to empower at risk children to break the cycles of poverty and thrive. This village we [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 05 December, 2016

It Takes A Village

Sometimes that village includes an orphanage, a school, a rescue center, a feeding program. Sometimes it includes volunteers, both foreign and from the local communities, engineers and project managers. Sometimes the village is located in a slum, on a farm, deep in a jungle, in a high rise in New York city, or a small office in West Hollywood. There might even be a member of that village in your own home. However the village is comprised, everyone’s heard the saying, “It takes a village to r [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 17 November, 2016

Clean Water for All

We pull up to a muddy ally, and are greeted by Kevin, a shy boy who is proudly wearing one of his best outfits, his shoes a gleaming white against the brown mud. Despite him being quiet, he exudes a sweetness, an inner self assurance, something I especially notice a few minutes later when we are surrounded by the street boys. Kevin leads us into the gates of the WTF drop in center, a place where street boys from the neighboring slum come to hang out for a few hours a day. The center is specifica [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 22 August, 2016

Purifying Water and Changing Lives

We’ve been working in Kenya for four years now, having constructed greenhouses, trained caretakers in first aid, set up chicken coops, and even gave clean water access to hundreds of children. One thing we’ve realized through working closely with our partner homes and their communities, is the importance of implementing projects that are income-generating. Why? Well, because most children’s homes are sorely underfunded and need sustainable ways to generate income, in order to continually t [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 17 June, 2016

Traveling to Kenya: Creating and Checking In

In a few weeks, Kitechild's co-founder, Jacqueline Herrera, will be going to Kenya! We’ve made a lot of progress since the last time we visited Kenya several years ago and now have future projects on the horizon. Here’s a look at some of the projects we’ll be visiting: Welcome to the Family Home, where we’ll be running a water purification project. We are currently working on a water purification project at the Welcome to the Family Home. Jacqueline will be visiting the home, as well as [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 03 June, 2016