Motivational Monday with Maya Angelou

  "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." A little  ‪# MondayMotivation‬  from the late, great  ‪ Maya Angelou‬ . This quote is  ‪ inspiring  because it reminds us that our actions majorly impact others. Let's make sure to make this week one centered around  ‪ kindness, compassion  and  generosity.   ‪ [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 09 May, 2016

Solar Powered Solutions

Some of the 36 children benefitting from the solar project. The first thing most of us do in the mornings and the last thing we do at night is flip a switch. Yet, we very rarely put much thought into how much this modern convenience improves our lives. With the flip of a switch we can eat, read, walk to the bathroom at night and put to rest our fears if we hear a strange noise.  For 36 children in Rajamundry, India, this is something they'll be able to have for the very first time. And some add [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 06 May, 2016

Lighting Up The LAMP Home

We are proud to announce a new solar light project in India. The project begins by reinforcing the roof of the children's home and then by installing solar lights, 3 of which will be outdoors and 3 will be indoors. This home does not currently have electricity, so these lights will be a real life-changer for the 36 children living there. By having indoor lighting, the children will be able to do their homework in the evenings and the outside lights will make the grounds a mor e secure and safe p [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 04 May, 2016

Follow Your Dreams This Week

  "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” This  ‪ Monday Motivation  comes from the Little Prince. We try to live out the lessons that story teaches: to love others, to follow your dreams and to let your heart be your guide.  ‪ [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 02 May, 2016

Doing Good with Greenhouses

Greenhouses are something you may not think much about... especially when it comes to promoting social justice. But, in many parts of the world where food and finances are scarce, greenhouses can provide a sustainble food source, as well as income generating opportunities. These small glass buildings are designed to optimize plant growth and grant communities access to fresh produce throughout the year. We've created several greenhouse projects in Kenya, which have been successful in providing [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 29 April, 2016

Lighting Up Lives

We recently replaced 44 light bulbs for LED lights in Kenya. This small change will have a big impact, as it will allow the home to save on their electric bill. What this means is that they can use more electricity for less money. So the 70 children that live there will now have lights during the evenings to do their school work. More lights and more chances to study- all while saving 90% on their electrical costs!     [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 27 April, 2016

You Can Make A Difference This Week

  "It's in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it." -Nelson Mandela It's the start of a new week and a fresh start to make a real difference. One person really can change the world- all it takes is believing in yourself and going for it! How can you start bringing about positive change?  ‪ [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 25 April, 2016

We Honor Earth Day Today and All Year Round

Today is Earth Day, a day to open up some very important conversations regarding the responsibilities and commitments we all have to take on, for the future of our planet. From solar panels to aquaponics, we are working to make sure that our projects not only help children, but help care for planet Earth. In Honduras, we have an aquaponics project. Aquaponics is a sustainable food system, which uses traditional aquaculture (the raising of fish) in combination with hydroponics (raising plants in [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 22 April, 2016

Inspiration from Anne Frank

  “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Monday Motivation from Anne Frank, a child wise beyond her years. Even though her life was tragically short, her writings have inspired generations. May we all take her advice to heart this week and not let another moment go by before we start making positive changes and serving others.  [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 18 April, 2016

Bring Back Our Girls: 2 Years Later

Two years ago, the world witnessed the brutal abduction of 276 schoolgirls from Nigeria, who were simply studying for their classes, when their lives changed forever. While we still don’t know where many of those girls are today, at least 57 have successfully and daringly escaped. There is new hope that at least some of the girls are alive, from a video released by the terrorist group. None of the girls have been rescued and hundreds may still be in danger. The world came together to protest t [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 15 April, 2016