Make A Difference Today

Check out our new  indiegogo  to raise funds for water purification in Kenya and give back to vulnerable children today! [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 31 May, 2016

Making A Difference From A Distance

We often get inquiries from kind-hearted people, who are looking to give back to vulnerable children. Seeing their photos and reading their stories touch many readers and motivate them to act. Volunteering is an important part of making a difference and using your abilities to better the world. Some of the boys living at the Ashirvad Home in India. Being a social media ambassador is a powerful way to spread information about vulnerable children and to tell others about the mission of Kitechild. [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 27 May, 2016

Give Light to 36 Children

  36 children in India now have a reinforced roof which is now ready to install solar lights, giving them electricity for the first time! Learn more about how this helps their education and safety:   ‪ [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 25 May, 2016

Be The Change This Week

  If you decide to make a difference, you can change the world for the better! This Motivational Monday quote is from the inspirational Ghandi and we hope you take it to heart this week. [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 23 May, 2016

In the Clear: The Value of Clean Water

Did you know that 783 million people do not have access to clean water? That figure, given from the UN, is a sad reality for many on our planet, but a problem that Kitechild is addressing and has already helped hundreds of children have access to life-sustaining water. Our clean water project in Kenya has provided clean water to over 200 children and the staff of the Fiwagoh Mission Home, located on the outskirts of Lake Naivasha. We installed 5 Lifestraw Community Filters at the home, which all [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 20 May, 2016

Planting the Seeds of Education and Nutrition

Our greenhouse project in Kenya is expanding! The greenhouse workers are now planting even more produce, in addition to what they currently grow: tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, kale and onions. From those vegetables, they have generated nearly $6,000 by selling the produce they grow- income which has been reinvested into the farm, keeping it sustainable. They have installed irrigation drips, which is even more eco-friendy and creates more productivity for less cost. They're also working on opening [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 18 May, 2016

Monday Motivation: Pursue Your Dreams

  "All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney This #MotivationMonday let's shoot for the stars and dare to dream. If you give it your all, you can achieve amazing things. What if we all had the courage to try and change the world? Let's see what happens! [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 16 May, 2016

Checking In With The Chickens of Change

Chickens at the farm at the Ashirvad Home. Chickens bringing change to the lives of children? That's exactly what's happening in India. There have been exciting new developments at our chicken farm at the Ashirvad Home in Tuni, India. There are now over 100 full-grown chickens and 62 new baby chicks. The farm has 60 chickens known as “country chickens,” and they are the ones that gave birth to the new baby chicks in the last 12 weeks. The other half of the adult chickens are known as Vanajar [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 13 May, 2016

Water Wednesday: New Project in Kenya

We have an exciting new project we just launched: Water Purification in Kenya! This income-generating project is happening at the Welcome to the Family Home, where 44 children live. Through a reverse osmosis water treatment plant, the home will treat water from their own borehole, which has already been approved for quality and safety by the local Water and Sanitation Services. Since the home is situated within an upper-middle class community that has a high demand for purified water, there is a [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 11 May, 2016