Ending Hunger with an App

There’s a new app that is addressing an issue that is prevalent around the world and central to our work:  ‪#‎ hunger‬ . Companies can use the Copia app, and if they had an event, for instance, the leftover food would be picked up and donated to a food pantry or homeless shelter. Our current greenhouse project in Kenya is also attempting to address this problem, by growing fresh produce for the children of St. Catherine’s Home:  http://goo.gl/ahdROZ While we work all over the wo rld, [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 13 April, 2016

Dalai Lama Wisdom

  “It is not enough to be compassionate - you must act.” This Motivational Monday quote comes from the wise Dalai Lama. Use your kindness with your talents and change the world.   [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 11 April, 2016

Technology and Human Rights

  Here’s a cool story about the merging of technology with social justice. Now satellites are being used to expose human rights violations. This is really important because lots of places where these violations are occurring don’t allow outsiders. But, now with this new technology we can have a better idea of what’s happening in the world and how we can help. Read more: goo.gl/x957Fx   [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 08 April, 2016

Paid Parental Leave Now a Reality in SF

  San Francisco is now the first city in the US to mandate paid parental leave. We’re hoping this is a sign of things to come. Parental leave is really important to the quality of life and for giving people agency over their family-planning choices. This new law applies to all families, regardless of gender or whether they are adoptive parents. It’s a big step towards equality that will help parents not have to make the choice between losing their job or having a child. Read more ! [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 06 April, 2016

Inspiration for Education

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” This Motivation Monday quote comes from former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Instilling the love of reading and school can open the world for any child, regardless of what circumstance they are currently in. Let’s dedicate this week to promoting education for all children!   [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 04 April, 2016

Changing Lives One LED Lightbulb at a Time

By: Jacqueline Herrera, Co-founder and Director   A while back, I wrote about how excited we were about our partnership with Engineers without Borders , an organization comprised of professional engineers who provide low cost or pro bono services to organizations doing development in the field. Since we take on some really diverse, and often fascinating projects (aquaponics farms, greenhouses, water purification, etc.), I knew that we would immensely benefit from having an expert weigh in a [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 31 March, 2016

Better Data Is Needed on Vulnerable Children

  As an organization working with vulnerable children around the world, one of the major obstacles we encounter is the lack of reliable data on children in many countries. When dealing with children living in orphanages or outside the home, information is sparse, and yet so vital to making meaningful change. Accurate information is needed to best serve the needs of these vulnerable children, and there is now a movement urging the UN to make sure these children are included in the statistica [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 30 March, 2016

Stay True To Your Dreams

  “Don’t look for your dreams to come true; look to become true to your dreams.” -Michael Beckwith As we start another week, let’s reflect on what dreams are closest to our hearts. Instead of focusing on the end result, let’s work to make every moment count. After all, it’s the journey that matters and with hard work, the rest will fall into place.  [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 28 March, 2016

Bringing Light to Women: Gloria Steinem

By Jacqueline Monet, Social Media Manager, Kitechild It’s Gloria Steinem’s birthday today and as part of Women’s History Month, we couldn’t think of a better time to honor this pioneer of equality. At 82 and still going strong, the feminist icon has said that one of the fundamental issues of the women’s liberation movement has still gone unresolved: violence against women. Steinem has worked tirelessly to bring attention to this important and sad reality, which affects women and girls [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 25 March, 2016

Look For The Good

    It’s only been a few months since the Paris attacks and we find ourselves once again grieving for the families of loved ones lost in a terrorist attack. Even as the horrors unfolded, people jumped into action to help one another, offering shelter, transportation and aid to complete strangers by tweeting #OpenHouse and #IkWilHelpen. There is more good than bad in this world, and together we can create a world of peace. Read more about these everyday heroes: http://goo.gl/VCfvc7 &n [...] READ MORE

  • Posted On : 24 March, 2016