What is Kitechild?

We are an NGO creating sustainable micro-projects that transform the standards of care for children living in orphanages. The projects we develop with orphanage directors are environmentally sound and create a significant change in a child’s quality of life, whether in their nutritional access, educational opportunities, or emotional well-being.  Supporting these aspects of a child’s development while they are living in an orphanage improves their capacity not only to stay healthy, but also to do well in school, rise out of poverty, and become productive members in their own communities.

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    Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare! We feel this line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream perfectly describes the perseverance and zest for life that many of our partner children possess. Photo: Ashirvad Home, India 


  • Together: Ending child marriage in Zambia

    Check out this short documentary from Girls Not Brides. Ending child marriages is especially important to us kitechild because it also reduces the number of children placed in orphanages due to  poverty and abandonment, when a young mother is unable to care for her children or she is left for a new wife. Together: Ending Child Marriage in Zambia lets us look into the life of Mirriam, a 17 year old Zambian girl looking to avoid the perils of a child marriage.  Right now, 42% of girls in Zambia are married before the age of 18, which means that nearly half of the female population will be denied educational opportunities and the right to a childhood. Like everyone else, these girls have aspirations and dreams for themselves. “I don’t want to be married! No, my desire is to have an education, to stay and finish school,” says Mirriam. Through the combined efforts of activists, mentors, government officials, traditional leaders and the girls themselves, change is spreading throughout Zambia and child marriages will soon be a thing of the past… Which is good news because the future is too bright for girls like Mirriam.


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    Youth has no age. -Pablo Picasso 

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    Midweek Inspiration 

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    #TBT: to the time we had an epic rooftop dance party with the kids from the Ziah Mission Home near Hyderabad, India. It was their idea to take us up there and blast music -we are constantly amazed at how positive these childrens’ spirits are despite the hardships they’ve been through. We are heading back to India in the spring to finalize several projects, and can’t wait to share our updates! #tbt #throwback #thursday #danceparty #dancelikenooneswatching #fun #joy #happiness #workout #happy #india #inspire #positive


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    The kids at the Arias Home of Hope in Chennai, India, take their yoga very seriously! Any guesses on what pose they are going for here? We say they are getting ready for a “Virabhadrasana” pose. As part of our Little Lens Tuesdays, all of these photos are taken by the children themselves with a camera we left behind in 2013. The home houses around 30 HIV/AIDS positive children, and yoga is a great way for them to stay healthy and practice mind body balance. We are currently fundraising for a solar project at the home, please check it out on our site [link in bio] Namaste! #yoga #namaste #breathe #pose #healthy #fitness #workout #awareness #children #kids #cute #ohm #yogini #peace #zen #india #happy #getinvolved #giveback #change #impact #ngo #positive #inspire