What is Kitechild?

We are an NGO creating sustainable micro-projects that transform the standards of care for children living in orphanages. The projects we develop with orphanage directors are environmentally sound and create a significant change in a child’s quality of life, whether in their nutritional access, educational opportunities, or emotional well-being.  Supporting these aspects of a child’s development while they are living in an orphanage improves their capacity not only to stay healthy, but also to do well in school, rise out of poverty, and become productive members in their own communities.

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    Photo: Children living with HIV in South Africa. (Photo: HRH Prince Henry of Wales/Getty Images)

    There have been major strides in the global fight against HIV that will help millions around the world. It was recently announced that HIV treatment is now available to 15 million people, one of the goals of UNAIDS for this year. Had the efforts to prevent and treat HIV not been made, 8.9 million more children would have lost parents to AIDS. While this a victory worth celebrating, it is also important to keep fighting for the millions still living with HIV and those who’ve lost loved ones to the disease.

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    Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios. 


  • Fun Fact Friday: Water

    Did you know that your body is 60% water? #funfactfriday Did you also know that our Clean Water Access project in Kenya provided 300 kids with access to clean water? Where these kids live in Kenya, water must be either purchased from the city or taken from wells and then treated to make it safe for human consumption. Now, these kids have life-sustaining water everyday without wasting precious resources and time. Read more #funfacts about how important water is: water.epa.gov


  • TBT India

    A #tbt to this awesome chess battle In India. Just like kids everywhere, the kids at Ashirvad Home love games. We’re so happy that they continue to play and enjoy life, as children should always be allowed to, no matter what situation they were born into. These are the same kids that will be benefiting from our chicken farm project. It’s a sustainable project that generates income that is spent on fresh produce and educational needs. We have so many good memories of the past and we’re looking forward to the bright future! #India #children #games #smile #joy #fun #chess #play #future #DoGood #PayItForward #sustainable #nutrition #education #happiness #halfull #EmbraceLife #LiveFully #SeeTheGood #gratitude #everychild #endpoverty #BeTheChange #MakeItHappen #globalcitizen #kindness #hope #TogetherWeCan


  • Update from Kenya

    Our greenhouses are definitely flourishing! Look at these yummy tomatoes growing at our Fiwagoh Greenhouse in Nakuru, Kenya. Soon the produce will be ripe and ready to be eaten as well as  sold! The produce sold generates income that will be used to hire 2 caretakers that will provide much needed love and support for the children. Also, by growing the veggies themselves,  the home will save 83% annually in food costs. And who doesn’t love having fresh veggies in their own backyard?


  • Tips For Working in Global Development


    Photo: Michael Duff/AP

    Here’s a great read from guardian about landing that dream job in global development. Some of their excellent advice includes getting your foot in the door by volunteering, using the job search site Idealist.com and staying on the lookout for up and coming NGOs. Read all the tips: http://goo.gl/KPaKMH