What is Kitechild?

We are an NGO creating sustainable micro-projects that transform the standards of care for children living in orphanages. The projects we develop with orphanage directors are environmentally sound and create a significant change in a child’s quality of life, whether in their nutritional access, educational opportunities, or emotional well-being.  Supporting these aspects of a child’s development while they are living in an orphanage improves their capacity not only to stay healthy, but also to do well in school, rise out of poverty, and become productive members in their own communities.

From Our Blog

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    Did you know that the world longest cricket marathon lasted over 150 hours? After visiting the Zia Home in India this summer, we got the chance to see some of the kids play cricket and show off their skills! Happy weekend, everyone!


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    A #tbt to our trip to Watoto Wema in Kenya! This was a life-changing trip that allowed us to meet the kids at our partner home and get a sense for what their life is like. It really reinforced for us why we do what we do. Since then, we’ve partnered with them on a greenhouse project, which works to improve the nutrition of 57 children, while remaining a sustainable project for years to come.


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    We’re just getting back from our time at the Social Good Summit! We’re so grateful to have had this amazing, inspiring weekend and to be among other people who are committed to changing the world. We were able to connect with others and share our ideas! 


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    ere’s some good #funfacts about why you should be jumping rope like our friends at the Hogar de Amor home in Honduras. Besides being fun, jumping rope helps improve your balance, is a good way to keep your heart healthy and even helps reduce stress. Find out more about how good this fun activity can be: http://goo.gl/NM1CXd


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    A #tbt to our life-changing trip to India, where we had the opportunity to spend time with the children that our projects benefit. We’re so grateful to be able to get to know more about these children who drive our mission every day.  


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    Image: The Independent

    During this current #refugeecrisis, children entering Europe are being separated from their families and forced to continue their dangerous journey alone. The UN is calling to protect these vulnerable children and demanding that they be treated with dignity. Read more about these unfolding events: http://goo.gl/IVrulW