Making A Difference One Veggie At A Time

Take a look at some of the fresh, healthy veggies produce being grown at Fiwagoh Home in Kenya through our greenhouse project. We installed 6 greenhouses, which grow various vegetables, including the ones we’re harvesting this month: lettuce, tomatoes, kale, spinach and cabbage. These veggies are used to supplement the diets of the children, while the surplus produce is sold for profit. Those profits keep the project going and also will hire additional caretakers for the home, making it a sustainable and necessary project that provides nutritious food and emotional support to the children of Fiwagoh. 

Update from the Ashirvad Home

An update from our chicken farm at the Ashirvad Home in India! They recently bought 100 more chicks, which will start producing eggs in March. As this income generating project continues to grow, the home can purchase more produce and computers for the children. Read more about our chicken project that targets the nutrition and education of these kids: