Rebuilding and Resilience: The Women of the DRC



Photo: Pete Muller/AP

The women of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been subjected to brutal rapes, as a result of the ongoing conflict. This has left these women at risk for unwanted pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as obstetric fistulas. There are groups working to help these women rebuild their lives, who are getting them the medical resources and emotional support they need. Read more from The Guardian: 

Photo: Children living with HIV in South Africa. (Photo: HRH Prince Henry of Wales/Getty Images)

There have been major strides in the global fight against HIV that will help millions around the world. It was recently announced that HIV treatment is now available to 15 million people, one of the goals of UNAIDS for this year. Had the efforts to prevent and treat HIV not been made, 8.9 million more children would have lost parents to AIDS. While this a victory worth celebrating, it is also important to keep fighting for the millions still living with HIV and those who’ve lost loved ones to the disease.


Is this a zoolander face or what? As part of our “Little Lens” series, we are sharing photos that the children at the Arias Home of Hope take themselves, with a camera we left behind in 2013. Arias is home to 39 children, all HIV/AIDS positive. We are currently fundraising for a solar installation that will end up saving the home enough money to provide eggs and fruits to the children’s diets, crucial additions for their delicate health. Please visit our site to invest in their well being! [link in bio] Our “Little Lens” series will run every Tuesday, and from the pictures we are getting, it seems selfies are pretty popular with kids no matter where in the world! #selfie #zoolander #butfirst #face #cute #india #inspire #getinvolved #giveback #nutrition #health #HIV #AIDS #children #impact #change #photography #toocute #littlelens