Education is the key to broadening your horizons and opening up the possibilities of your life. Every child deserves access to education and the chance to follow their dreams. Kitechild knows that this is the right for every child, even if they were born into poverty or any difficult life situation. That’s why our sustainable projects like our greenhouses in Kenya and our chicken farms in India are designed to generate income that will fund educational costs. This world can be an amazing place, if we all work together! 

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. -Dr. Seuss

Good news coming from united-nations: More girls are in school than ever before! And according to unicef, if every child learns to read there will be 171 million less people living in absolute poverty. Our sustainable projects work to generate profits that are used to pay for education for children around the world, like our greenhouses and dairy cows in Kenya & our chicken farm in India. Change, not charity is the key! 

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” This quote from Rumi is our intention for the week. In our busy world, it is so easy to forget to be present and in the moment. Life is constantly trying to teach us important lessons, but we have to be open to listening and to live life on purpose. Fully embrace life- moment by moment!

Did you know that half of the world’s outsourced IT services come from India? In this technology based society, computer skills are essential, which is why the profits from our income generating chicken farm at Ashirvad Home are designed to provide the children with computers and a teacher along with fresh produce every other day. This is change, not charity, in action! 

#TBT: to the time we had an epic rooftop dance party with the kids from the Ziah Mission Home near Hyderabad, India. It was their idea to take us up there and blast music -we are constantly amazed at how positive these childrens’ spirits are despite the hardships they’ve been through. We are heading back to India in the spring to finalize several projects, and can’t wait to share our updates! #tbt #throwback #thursday #danceparty #dancelikenooneswatching #fun #joy #happiness #workout #happy #india #inspire #positive

The kids at the Arias Home of Hope in Chennai, India, take their yoga very seriously! Any guesses on what pose they are going for here? We say they are getting ready for a “Virabhadrasana” pose. As part of our Little Lens Tuesdays, all of these photos are taken by the children themselves with a camera we left behind in 2013. The home houses around 30 HIV/AIDS positive children, and yoga is a great way for them to stay healthy and practice mind body balance. We are currently fundraising for a solar project at the home, please check it out on our site [link in bio] Namaste! #yoga #namaste #breathe #pose #healthy #fitness #workout #awareness #children #kids #cute #ohm #yogini #peace #zen #india #happy #getinvolved #giveback #change #impact #ngo #positive #inspire

Is this a zoolander face or what? As part of our “Little Lens” series, we are sharing photos that the children at the Arias Home of Hope take themselves, with a camera we left behind in 2013. Arias is home to 39 children, all HIV/AIDS positive. We are currently fundraising for a solar installation that will end up saving the home enough money to provide eggs and fruits to the children’s diets, crucial additions for their delicate health. Please visit our site to invest in their well being! [link in bio] Our “Little Lens” series will run every Tuesday, and from the pictures we are getting, it seems selfies are pretty popular with kids no matter where in the world! #selfie #zoolander #butfirst #face #cute #india #inspire #getinvolved #giveback #nutrition #health #HIV #AIDS #children #impact #change #photography #toocute #littlelens

Whoever your valentine may be today, remember that love comes in all forms…Wishing a happy valentines day to you and those you cherish and love the most. Photo: Ashirvad Home, Tuni, India #vday #love #happy #sweet #india #cherish #adore #cute #smile

Help us raise the other half of our goal for the solar panel installation in the Arias Home of Hope! This orphanage is a safe and loving environment for 39 children who were born with HIV/AIDS, providing them with the medical attention they so desperately need. Because the virus is so highly stigmatized in India, these children were shunned from their families and communities. Our project will help cut the electrical costs for the orphanage, thereby providing additional nutrition essential for the children’s health. Please help us to alleviate the cost for the home and provide a better quality of life for these children! #getinvolved #giveback #makeadifference #socialgood #inspiration #hopeworldwide #india #positivity #sustainable #nutrition #impact #solarpower (at Link in bio. )

We’re excited to introduce a new series of photos from the eyes of our children! We left one of our cameras at the Arias Home of Hope located in Acharapakkam, India. For the next few weeks you will be able to experience the beauty life has to offer from their perspective. All the children of the Arias Home are HIV/AIDS positive, but they continue to inspire us everyday with their courage. #LittleLens #hopeworldwide #India #smile #inspire #inspiration #positivity #community