Give to Greenhouses

The holidays are over, but it’s never too late to #GiveGood to vulnerable children. We need your support to make our greenhouse project at St. Catherine’s Home a reality. The greenhouses grow produce, which the children eat. The remaining vegetables are sold in the market, where the profits cover the education of the older kids, as well as fund a social worker to help reintegrate them back into the community. #GiveGood today:  

A person, a place, a feeling – what does home mean to you? Is it a place you feel safe, a place you feel warm? We asked out partner children what home meant to then, and our proud to share it with the world in the premiere of our new video, What is Home? Watch now so you can not only learn more on how Kitechild works to help orphanages be more like homes, but also so you can see that the meaning of home is not that different across the world. So, what does home mean to you? Share in the comments! (Full video available on Kitechild YouTube channel) #home #whatishome #kids #cute #film #LA #kenya #india #honduras #inspire #warm #love #safe #getinvolved #bethechange #support #movie #about

#TBT! Check out this video from our first little fundraiser we did back in 2010! We all have to start somewhere, and this is a great example of the ways YOU can be a Kitechild ambassador – hosting small get togethers in the community, donating a birthday, etc. are all great ideas! To get started, email; we’d love to collaborate on some great ways to get involved and give back!