Planting the Seeds of Education and Nutrition

fiwagoh inside

Our greenhouse project in Kenya is expanding! The greenhouse workers are now planting even more produce, in addition to what they currently grow: tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, kale and onions. From those vegetables, they have generated nearly $6,000 by selling the produce they grow- income which has been reinvested into the farm, keeping it sustainable. They have installed irrigation drips, which is even more eco-friendy and creates more productivity for less cost. They’re also working on opening a grocery stand on the highway to bring in even more funds!

As the farm continues to progress, the funds the greenhouses generate pay for the education of the older children living at the Fiwagoh Home. In addition to being provided with fresh vegetables everyday, the older kids can also have their schooling fees covered. Let’s keep planting the seeds of nutrition and education!

TBT with Fiwagoh Home

#TBT to a year ago and one of our homes in Kenya: The Fiwagoh Home! In the past year, we have partnered with this home to build 6 greenhouses on the home’s property! The produce grown is sold in local markets. Those profits are then allocated towards the hiring of 2 additional caretakers! And by growing fresh veggies for the kids, the home has already saves over $10,000 in food costs annually! We’re starting a similar project at St. Catherine’s Home in Kenya, where the profits will go towards the children’s education!  


Our greenhouse project is growing! This is a huge agricultural project that requires skilled laborers and management. Kitechild has fundraised for the actual greenhouses and supplies,  and we’re also paying for the salaries of the workers and manager until the home starts generating profit from the greenhouses, which should be in about 8 months. Another great aspect of this project is that the older kids are allowed to participate and they get to learn valuable agricultural skills. 

Photo: An older child pitches in on the maintenance of the greenhouse.

The crops are growing at the greenhouse at Watoto Wema Home in Kenya! Our sustainable greenhouse project is designed to benefit the 57 children who live there, by targeting their nutrition and education. 40% of the veggies grown will go towards supplementing the children’s diets and the other 60% will be sold in the markets. The profits from selling the vegetables will pay for the secondary school fees of the older children. We’re looking forward to the first harvest of these crops!

Mmm mmm milk! Did you know our Dairy Cow project at the Flying Kites Home in Njabini, Kenya, is not only providing milk on a regular basis to the kids, but other yummy, healthy treats such as yogurt? What’s next, ice cream? (We wish!) If you invested in this project, a big thanks from our team and the kids at the home! #milk #vitamind #strongbones #yummy #smiles #kenya #africa #farm #farming #cows #dairy #cute #healthy #health #nutrition #yogurt #icecream #food #foodie #impact #invest #giveback

#TBT to one of our very first projects, a pig farm at the A Better World Children’s Home in Cameroon. Since then we’ve done everything from solar panels, chicken coops, fish farms, and clean water projects, in 6 other countries, all designed to sustainably improve the quality of life for children living in orphanages. We can’t wait to share what we have planned for this year! #throwback #backintheday #cameroon #farming #sustainable #eco #giveback #africa #kids #pig #babes #inspire #change #impact